Can a Tongue-Tie Grow Back?

After a baby is born you might notice, or the pediatrician might notice, that the tie that connects the child’s tongue to the mouth floor is too short. You might be worried about it, but the best is to talk to a Windsor pediatric dentist and have a proper diagnosis and solution.

What Is a Tongue-Tie?

Tongue-tie is a condition that manifests through a limited movement ability of the tongue.

The frenulum that ties the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short and can interfere with breastfeeding. It may also make it more difficult for your baby to stick out their tongue and later on. It can also impact your child’s ability to speak, eat or swallow.

In many cases, a tongue tie does not cause any problems, and in other cases, it can be corrected through a simple surgical procedure.

The procedure that treats a tongue tie is called frenotomy. It is done with a cold laser which helps minimize the discomfort and also facilitates a shorter recovery period.

Symptoms of Tongue-Tie

If you notice any of the following symptoms in your baby, they might have a tongue-tie. These are just a few of the symptoms the child can experience:

  • Difficulty latching to the breast or bottle
  • Spits up often
  • Lip curls when eating
  • Chewing the nipple when eating
  • Pacifier won’t stay in
  • The baby is frustrated when given the bottle or nursing
  • Gagging, choking, or coughing while eating

Can a Tongue-Tie Grow Back?

After having a frenotomy, you do not have to worry about the tongue tie growing back. What can happen in some cases is that they may reattach.

In order to avoid reattachment, be diligent about what the doctor recommends doing after the surgery. The reattachment happens because the healing happens very fast, and the tissue might prematurely reattach to the tongue or lip. This will cause further limitations and you will start noticing the same symptoms again.

The probability of reattachment happening is very low, but the best you can do to make sure that it does not happen is to follow thoroughly the doctor’s suggestion for care after the surgery.

A second surgery might not be a good option, but this is something to evaluate with each patient and their situation. If you suspect your child might suffer from a tongue tie, visit the doctor and start the procedure for correction.

Water Valley Dental Can Help!

If you suspect your child might have a tongue-tie, bring them to us for a consultation.

At Water Valley Dental, we practice dentistry with honesty and integrity. We offer both adult and pediatric dental treatments from a comprehensive standpoint. If you would like to talk to us and visit us, schedule an appointment. We are happy to get to know you!

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