Full Mouth Rehab in Windsor

What Is A Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

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If you have multiple damaged or missing teeth, as well as cosmetic problems like stained teeth, chips in your teeth, or misshapen or uneven teeth, you may be wondering how you can restore the natural function and beauty of your smile. 

Full mouth rehabilitation can help. This process involves using restorative and cosmetic dentistry to completely restore damaged, missing, or unappealing teeth, improving both your oral health and your confidence in your smile. Contact Water Valley Dental for a consultation with Dr. Daniel Banks or Dr. Jacob Dunham today to learn more and get a customized treatment plan in Windsor.


Did you know…

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At least 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and older adults are more likely to be missing one or more teeth.

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What Can I Expect From The Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process?

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Comprehensive oral exam

To begin the process, Dr. Daniel Banks and Dr. Jacob Dunham will need to conduct a comprehensive oral exam to identify any oral health problems that are affecting you, such as cavities, infected teeth, broken teeth, and gum disease. They will also look for cosmetic problems with your smile that can be treated with procedures like porcelain veneers.

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Collaborate on a treatment plan

You can discuss your budget, preferences, timeframe for treatment, and other details with Dr. Banks and Dr. Dunham at your consultation. They will take your input into account, and work with you to collaborate on a treatment plan that will restore your smile and your oral health.

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Develop treatment timeline

Once your treatment plan has been finalized, Dr. Banks and Dr. Dunham will work with you to create a treatment timeline and begin scheduling your appointments at Water Valley Dental. This is the schedule you’ll follow as you get the dental care you need in Windsor, CO.

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Get treatment & restore your smile

As you come to Water Valley Dental over the next few months, Dr. Banks and Dr. Dunham will replace missing teeth, repair and restore damaged teeth, and cover up flaws in your smile. By the end of your treatment, your smile will look and feel brand new.

What can I expect at a sedation consultation?

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Treatment Review

First, your dentist will review your treatment plan to determine if sedation is a good option for your procedure. Certain types of sedation are recommended, or necessary, for more invasive or lengthy dental procedures. But there are others that are better for relieving tension and anxiety.

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Health Evaluation

Your dentist will discuss your health history and overall health to determine if sedation is appropriate for you. Certain issues, like past drug addiction, the use of certain prescription medications, and some health problems may affect your ability to be sedated with your chosen method.

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Needs & Concerns

Your dentist will ask questions to determine your particular needs and concerns. How deeply do you wish to be sedated? What is making you anxious about your procedure? Do you have a low pain threshold? An honest conversation about the answers will help determine which sedation options will be appropriate for you. 

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Recommendations & Options

With the information your dentist has collected, they will lay out all your available sedation options and discuss with you each one’s effects and instructions. With their recommendation and your input, we can help you choose the right option for your procedure.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Basics

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Treatments Used In Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Treatment plans for full mouth rehabilitation usually involve replacing missing teeth with treatments like dental implants, treating damaged or broken teeth with dental crowns or fillings, eliminating gum disease with periodontal care, and using cosmetic dentistry to cover up and restore teeth that may look unappealing. However, the specifics of your plan can vary widely depending on your case.

Good Candidates For Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Anyone who has serious oral health issues and cosmetic flaws in their smile is a good candidate for full mouth rehabilitation. Even if most of your teeth have been damaged or destroyed by serious dental trauma, chronic gum disease, or untreated tooth decay, Dr. Banks and Dr. Dunham can help you get the care you need.

If you would like to learn more and find out if you can restore your smile at Water Valley Dental, just give us a call at (970) 512-1437 or contact us online to get a consultation with Dr. Daniel Banks or Dr. Jacob Dunham right away.

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