Can Root Canals Cause Sinus Infections? See The Surprising Answer

If you’ve recently had a root canal in Windsor and you have a sinus infection, you may be wondering if the two are related. Is it possible for a root canal to cause your sinuses to become infected? The answer is not as straightforward as you may think. Read on and learn more in this blog from Water Valley Dental

Infected Teeth Are A Common Cause Of Tooth Infections 

First, it’s important for you to know that tooth infections are actually a very common cause of sinus infections (sinusitis). Why? Well, it has to do with the anatomy of your mouth, your teeth, and your sinuses.

You see, the upper teeth, particularly the rear teeth, have long roots that are very close to the sinus lining. This means that if one or more of your teeth become infected, the bacteria in the root of the tooth could spread into the sinuses.

This, in turn, causes sinusitis. The medical term for a sinus infection caused by an infected tooth is “maxillary sinusitis of endodontic origin.” So, if you feel like you have a sinus infection after a root canal, it’s possible that the infection simply spread into your sinuses before the root canal surgery took place.

Root Canals Don’t Cause Sinus Infections – And Can Prevent Them!

So, do root canals cause sinus infections? No. In fact, a root canal is one of the best ways to prevent an infected tooth from causing a sinus infection. 

That’s because, in the root canal treatment process, a dentist like Dr. Danny will open up the tooth to clean and sanitize its interior. He will remove all of the decayed and damaged pulp and other tooth material, then flush the tooth with a special type of disinfectant to eliminate any remaining bacteria.

This destroys all of the bacteria inside the tooth, and ensures that it can be restored and kept intact for years to come. Killing these bacteria also means they will not spread into your sinus lining, eliminating the risk of a sinus infection. 

Sinusitis Symptoms Post-Root Canal Could Be A “Sinus Communication”

So, why might you feel like you have a sinus infection after your root canal? Well, you may have a relatively common complication called a “sinus communication.”

This is just a fancy term to refer to a very small hole in the sinus lining. As we mentioned, the sinus lining is extremely close to the roots of your upper teeth. So when your dentist is cleaning out the tooth, they may accidentally puncture the lining with a dental tool, causing a very small opening.

A sinus communication can cause some symptoms that are similar to a sinus infection, like post-nasal drip, congestion, and sinus pain. 

The good news is that sinus communications usually heal on their own. However, you may want to follow up with your dentist if you think you have a sinus communication. While they’re rare, large openings in the sinus lining may require special care precautions or even surgery.

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