Preparing Your Child for the Dentist: What to Know

Bringing your child to the dentist for the first time can be a rather scary experience, and not just for the child. Parents often feel high levels of anxiety at this time as well.

But, it’s incredibly important to start taking your child to the dentist as soon as possible and make sure all their dental needs are met. This, combined with a good at-home routine, is often the secret to a healthy and happy smile.

So if you’re about to take your child to the dentist for the very first time, or are visiting a new dentist, here are a few tips on how to curb anxiety and make the visit a lot more pleasant.

Be Relaxed and Calm

Children can be incredibly sensitive to the atmosphere around them, and if they sense you are nervous, they will be nervous too. Parents need to be relaxed when taking their children to the dentist to show them there is nothing to be afraid of!

Talk to Them Before

Explain to your child why they need to see the dentist, with a special emphasis that they are not in trouble in any way. Talk to them about their dental health, and help them understand how a dentist can help their teeth grow strong.

Watch Videos

There are a lot of educational videos that can help your child understand their own body and health. There are even videos that will show them what will happen at the dentist. This can help the child see how the process looks, which will put their mind at ease.

Take Them for a Visit to the Practice

You should consider calling the practice to see if you can visit it with your child, just to introduce them to the environment, especially if you know your child takes a bit more time getting comfortable in new places.

Tell the child you are only stopping by for a visit to meet the team. Encourage your child to ask questions, so they become more comfortable at the dentist’s office and get to know the staff.

Reward Them Afterward

You can also tell your child they can expect a treat after their appointment, like going to their favorite park, or even taking them for ice cream, (as long as they brush their teeth when they get home!). They can get through their visit a lot easier if they have something fun to look forward to later in the day.

Come to Water Valley Dental

Water Valley Dental is here to help you make sure your child’s first dentist appointment runs smoothly. We know perfectly well that children need special treatment to be fully comfortable at the dentist, and our caring approach is greatly appreciated by all our tiny patients.

Book a pediatric dental appointment with Dr. Daniel Banks now and let us help you start taking care of your child’s dental needs.

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