What Are the Different Types of Dental Cleanings?

Even with a great oral hygiene routine, and the best tools and products on the market, at-home dental care isn’t enough to remove all food particles and debris from your mouth.

While you undoubtedly do a great job at home, it’s still important to see the dentist routinely for a professional cleaning. One session alone can help you reduce your risk for cavities and gum disease tremendously, as with their professional tools, dentists can properly clean even those hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

But did you know there are several types of dental cleanings? Here are 4 types you can get at Water Valley Dental:

Preventative Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are an essential component of preventive dentistry in Windsor. They are used to remove plaque and tartar which can accumulate on your teeth over time, effectively lowering your risk for decay or gum disease.

This is the most common type of dental cleaning performed at Water Valley Dental. During it, the dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth from all angles and ensure your mouth is free from harmful bacteria.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings are sometimes required when the patient already shows some signs of gum inflammation, meaning the plaque and tartar buildup have already started to affect the gums. During it, the dentist will clean both the teeth and gum pockets. In some cases, patients might require a mild anesthetic, but it does depend on your specific case.

Moreover, most deep cleanings can be done in one session, but patients who have serious inflammation might need multiple appointments.

Periodontal Cleaning

Patients with gum disease will need a specialized type of deep cleaning that focuses on removing bacteria accumulated near the gums. In these cases, patients will also have an antibiotic gel applied to the gums to treat the infection and reduce inflammation.

Like with deep cleaning, periodontal cleaning often requires multiple sessions to ensure the gum health is restored and the infection heals.

Debridement Cleaning

Debridement cleaning is done when a patient has very large amounts of plaque and tartar accumulated on their teeth. Usually, patients who have difficulty maintaining oral health, or haven’t seen the dentist at all in a long time may need this type of cleaning.

Tartar is a hard substance, and in high amounts, the dentist cannot remove them with the same tools used for regular cleanings. Instead, they require an electrical tool that will loosen the tartar, and then remove it entirely from the teeth.

Which Type of Cleaning Do You Need?

Are you due for a dental cleaning? Dr. Daniel Banks can help you access the proper type of treatment that will help restore your smile’s health!

To get started, you can book an appointment at Water Valley Dental online, or call our office at (970) 460-8989 for more information about our services.

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